SHIP is a voluntary service in Ross County and Scioto County that provides a free home safety inspection to identify features in your home that may make your residence susceptible to burglaries, fires, or injuries due to falls. Qualified law enforcement officers, firefighters, aging service professionals, and occupational therapy student interns will collaborate to conduct the safety inspections, and provide information and free safety equipment (such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, bathmats, nighlights, flashlights, etc.) for you to consider that may reduce household hazards, decrease your risk, and help you be safe in your home.

Persons eligible must be age 60 or over and reside in either Ross or Scioto County. There is no income eligibility. To schedule your free home safety assessment, or for additional information about the SHIP program, contact: for Scioto County, the AAA7 Resource Center at 1-800-582-7277; and for Ross County, contact the Chillicothe Fire Inspector at (740) 773-2212.