Image of a elderly man with a caregiverThe AAA7 Caregiver Support Program provides information and assistance to family caregivers to better understand how their caregiving role is impacting their lives.

The Program assists caregivers in finding resources and services to help decrease the physical and emotional stress in their caregiving role in order to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

Services also assist grandparents caring for grandchildren.

Basic Services and Benefits Include:

  • Assessment to Determine What Services and Resources Will Assist the Caregiver.
  • Information, Assistance and Training to Help Educate Caregivers About Caring for Themselves and Their Loved Ones.
  • Purchasing Supplemental Supplies to Complement the Family Caregiving.
  • Respite Assistance to Provide the Caregiver with Temporary Relief from Their Day-to-Day Caregiving Responsibilities.
  • Answers/Counseling to Provide Support to Family Caregivers in Solving Everyday Issues Related to Caregiving.

Eligibility Requirements:

 Any Family Caregiver May Receive the Following Services at No Cost:

  • Assessment
  • Information
  • Assistance
  • Training
  • Answers/Counseling

Eligibility for respite and supplemental services are determined at the time of the assessment.

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