Image of a elderly man with a walker

The Hospital2Home program is a voucher program for those eligible who are being discharged from hospital to home. Vouchers allow for the purchase of short-term services such as personal care and home-delivered meals to assist individuals returning to their homes after a brief hospital stay. The program will also offer short-term telephonic assistance to help with redeeming the vouchers if necessary and assist in the exploration of ongoing long-term services and supports.

Basic Services and Benefits

  • Personal Care Vouchers
  • Home-Delivered Meals Vouchers
  • Short-Term Telephonic Care Management

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age 60 or older and a recent hospital stay.
  • Must Reside in the AAA7’s 10-County Service Area.
  • Do not currently have a Medicaid card or currently enrolled  in a Medicaid waiver program such as PASSPORT.
  • To receive personal care services, must need assistance with at least two ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) such as bathing, dressing, toilet use, transferring, eating, walking.
  • To receive the home-delivered meal service, must be dependent with the IADL (Instrumental Activity of Daily Living) of meal preparation and not have someone available to prepare the meal. 
  • Must be living in a home-based setting, not a facility.

To learn more about the Hospital 2 Home program or if you have questions, please call 1-800-582-7277 or e-mail