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Golden Buckeye Card

Golden Buckeye Card Program

Golden Buckeye Card Program

Administered by the Ohio Department of Aging

It’s easy to apply for your personal Golden Buckeye Card.

On or after your 60th birthday, you can sign up for your card at various local sign-up sites, including most senior centers, some libraries, selected banks, and at special events in your community.

For the location of a sign-up site nearest to your home or office, call our office toll-free at: 1-800-422-1976.

When applying for your Golden Buckeye Card, you will be asked to show a form of identification, such as a valid Ohio Driver’s License, a birth certificate, or other legal document showing your date of birth.

Ohio residents who have been certified totally and permanently disabled by their physician or by a state or federal agency who has the power to certify disability, are also eligible to apply for a Golden Buckeye Card. Documentation of disability is required.

You will be issued a yellow temporary card, which can be used immediately at all participating businesses. Your temporary card is used until you receive your permanent Golden Buckeye Card, which will be mailed to your residence.

Where can I use my Golden Buckeye Card?

Various types of businesses are “partners” with Ohio in the Golden Buckeye Program. Each business voluntarily participates and designs the type of discount which best suits their business. Some offer discounts daily, some only on certain days of the week, and some only during certain seasons of the year.

Participating businesses display a window decal which states “Golden Buckeye Card Honored Here” to inform Cardholders that they are a “partner” in the program.

If you don’t see a decal, you can feel comfortable in asking the business if they honor the Golden Buckeye Card.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Rest assured... you can get a replacement card. Your first card is issued to you free of charge; however, there is a $3.00 fee to replace any lost, stolen, or damaged card, or to change a name on a card. You can apply for a replacement card at local sign-up sites by simply attaching a check or money order made payable to the Ohio Department of Aging for $3.00. You will receive a yellow temporary card which may be used until your new card is mailed to your residence.

Please remember... the card that is issued to you is for your use only; do not allow anyone else to use your card and do not give your card to anyone to use on your behalf. Encourage your spouse to apply for a card in their own name so that they can benefit from the discount program — even if you are not with them!

Tips on Using Your Golden Buckeye Card.

  • Make sure to sign your permanent card when you receive it in the mail.
  • Look for the Golden Buckeye logo at stores and restaurants that you frequent.
  • Ask if a discount is offered if you don’t see the logo posted in the window or on the cash register.
  • Always present your Golden Buckeye Card before the sale is totaled.


  • Discounts may be restricted or limited by the participating businesses.
  • The card is for your personal use only.
  • Businesses participate in the program on a volunteer basis and discounts are offered at their discretion only.
  • Businesses receive no tax rebates or credits for participating.

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